Reggie CurielBorn in the tropics in the Netherlands Antilles, surrounded by Spanish- and English speaking countries, while the sounds of Dutch and Papiamento surrounded me at home. My love for languages, was born and was fed daily by this multicultural environment. Having relatives who lived in South America and travelling there regularly, fueled my desire to explore and understand other cultures.

In high school I had some excellent language teachers both for Dutch and English, Spanish and French who did more than their best to instill their own love for these languages and their cultures in me. Years later, this knowledge proved invaluable while doing business with customers from the Caribbean and the surrounding countries of Latin America, geographically distributed over Central and South America.

The value of my own cultural baggage, became even clearer. The ability to establish contact with potential customers in their own language is invaluable. The customer can not only understand everything correctly but is at the same time conscious of the effort made by his future business partner to ensure that the first contact can proceed as smoothly as possible.

Twenty years experience with clients from these regions, as well as with customers from Spain have convinced me of the benefits of clear communication. The need to ensure that this communication is as clear as possible for everyone involved so that concerned parties may be able to proceed with what is at stake, namely business, is paramount. Vertaalweb was founded on the idea that communication in business and in other areas of life will be more effective if people can express themselves in their own language. Add to that the knowledge of and ability to recognize cultural differences and respond accordingly, and you have the total package. Vertaalweb stands for a wide range of services which will only be extended in the future.