Visie VertaalwebWhy translate?
The most important reason is to be able to read and understand any kind of document which is written in a source language we cannot understand. But also to be able to convey a message to another person even if we are not able to speak said language. 

Having worked with international companies for the past twenty years has offered me firsthand experience on the importance of being to able to communicate fluently with your business partner. If the effort of communicating in different languages can be taken away, then more energy can be diverted to the business at hand. The risk of misunderstandings and miscommunication can be taken out of the equation and thereby increasing greatly the odds for a fruitful business meeting. 

Language is important in most aspects of life. From our day to day communication to setting up contracts where a great deal of money is involved, it is important that what is said and what gets printed is said correctly. To quote Confucius, “If language is not correct, then what is said is not what is meant” In business it is paramount that what is being said is also what is meant, often times this applies also to day to day situations. Vertaalwebpuntcom was founded with the idea of being able to offer total translations services where words are translated in such a way as to clearly convey the correct meaning as it was intended in the original language.